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North Staffs Advanced Drivers
'Skill with Responsibility'

Welcome to North Staffs Advanced Drivers

The North Staffs Advanced Drivers Group was formed in 1966 and is run entirely by volunteers. 

The Group's primary objectives are: -
  • To improve car driving standards
  • Promote road safety
  • Heighten the enjoyment of car driving

The group is affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists (Group No. 3045).

To become an Advanced Motorist: -
  • You don't need any special kind of car
  • You won't have to pass a written test
  • You can receive FREE guidance from our trained observers

So why not come along and meet us, and see if we can help you to become an Advanced Motorist?

Are you a young driver: -

Why not check out Momentum the IAM's Young Driver Assesment program.


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